Giving thanks to my body

I’m being sick for few days with a very annoying cold. Last night I felt the worse, fever, couldn’t breathe , migraine, couldn’t sleep and so on. The migraine powerfully continued until today at noon. My body was probably stressed out due to the pain and I threw up but this made me feel better.… Continue reading Giving thanks to my body

The power of self-awareness

This is for the always offended ones! Lately I see how everything is about self-confidence and also self-help but very few talk about self-awareness and it is very important. If you do not have self-awareness it is very hard to evolve as a human being. Instead of getting offended by everything why wouldn’t you pay… Continue reading The power of self-awareness

Life is all about taking chances but nothing about taking unnecessary risks

I don’t have a whole story about this considering that the title of this post speaks by itself. The only thing is that many people are afraid to take chances and calculate everything as a risk. It’s more of a fear of failure I suppose but I don’t understand how it wouldn’t feel worse if… Continue reading Life is all about taking chances but nothing about taking unnecessary risks

The wrong side of the bed

You know those tests that according to your couple sleeping pattern can tell you how bonded is your relationship? For example if you sleep hugged or face to face your are more bonded , if you sleep back to back you either have a distant relationship or you are just independent partners. Think about it… Continue reading The wrong side of the bed

I wish honesty would be more welcomed…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while… I , for one, would rather accept someone , especially my friends, family or my partner to tell me their real thoughts about me straight in my face. I like to know when I am being a jerk. Of course, it can be hard to accept in… Continue reading I wish honesty would be more welcomed…