Gray hair don’t care ! Confidence comes with age.

The first signs of aging already started to show ! I didn’t expect this to happen so soon as I feel the same dorky girl as before . As you can see , I feel awkward even to refer to myself as a woman. I still say girl because it represents more of who I am.

What I like about getting older is that I get more confident. Although to some I may look like a confident person , you have no idea about the struggle or the doubting I have to always fight . It’s crazy!

One day I’m like “I got this!” the next one I ask myself ” Do I? ”  This inner doubt had sometimes stopped me from following some of my dreams but I’m working my way back up. 🙂

Although we live in a free society , there is still a tendency to bump heads with your inner limitations.

“Am I good enough?”

My true inner personality is that of a shy person but I try to cover it up with jokes and humor which sometimes can be stupid or inappropriate.

I thought that as I will get older I will restrict and limit my actions even more because I will have to keep up with the age and become more of a proper person.

It’s not happening!

The older I get the less I care and the more of a free spirit I am becoming.

I was talking to my mother and she reminded me of how I used to cover my mouth when I was laughing.  It was because I thought my laugh looks somehow ugly , I was so self-conscious . ” Now you don’t care anymore, do you? ” she asked me.

I realized that I have no idea when it stopped and that I didn’t even  paid attention to it.

So, here I am counting the grey hairs , checking out the wrinkles on my neck thinking I need to use more lotion , making ugly faces in the mirror and rubbing my double chin but thinking it’s all good !

Who cares?!



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