Why most vegans or vegetarians are such bullies?

It’s one thing I notice about the previous omnivorous who decided to become vegan or vegetarian. It’s like they suddenly had an Epiphany and start acting like they are better than the rest !

They are healthier and they save more animals, they are kinder and you, the one who still eats meat , you have no consideration for your body or health and you hate animals!

You are a murderer!

They do not say it directly like this but it’s pretty much implied and suggested through their subliminal messages!

I have nothing against being vegan or vegetarian!

I agree it’s probably better for most of us but not all of us! If this works great for you , I’m honestly happy for you!

Great job!

Do share your awesome vegan recipes but don’t try to makes us the rest as “the bad people”, “the wrong people” !

Eating meat had lots to do with our evolution and brain function and language skills!

Why do we even have to have a debate on how wrong is to eat meat?

Eat your veggies and move on or maybe not having enough protein puts you in a bad mood!

Getting jealous on my bacon? :))


It’s the meat consumption and production now exaggerated?  Yes!

Could we find ways to have much less cruelty towards animals while still enjoying  a moderate meat consumption?  Most certainly!

Before going vegan were you a shitty, unhealthy, mean  person just because you were having meat?

I’m sure not!



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