Giving thanks to my body

I’m being sick for few days with a very annoying cold. Last night I felt the worse, fever, couldn’t breathe , migraine, couldn’t sleep and so on. The migraine powerfully continued until today at noon. My body was probably stressed out due to the pain and I threw up but this made me feel better.

With all that, in the morning while washing my face and looking in the mirror I started to think about how cool our bodies are and how they are made. It amazes me the amount of work our body does just to keep us safe. I thought I never thanked my body or was grateful for what my body does. I usually get pissed off when I’m sick, I get pissed of when I’m gaining weight or retain water (women stuff) , cellulite , stretch marks…etc..

I never think of how much I am also taking advantage of it. Making it work harder when I work out, wanted to work perfectly even when I’m over tired and asking of it to not get sick.

I just sat there , looking in the mirror and had a small inner conversation with my body.

I told my body how awesome it is and how grateful I am for what it is doing, how the antibodies are like an army living inside me and ready to protect me from infections , viruses and bacteria. How it gives me signs through pain and fever so I know if something is wrong and be ready to fight as well.

I know I might sound like a weirdo but I am really trying to listen to my body more and give my body what it needs .

My father has this type of body awareness . If he eats or drinks something or does something and the body says no, then he stops doing it.

It’s respect for our bodies and they really, truly deserve it!   …so , I took today, even if I wasn’t feeling good, to give thanks to my body!


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