Not a single pound was dropped ! Yet! About how I do not want to give up!

Well, I eagerly wanted to start this year working out and build my way towards some weight loss but this year had some other plans with me!

I must tell you quickly that I didn’t gave up!

First steps were taken! As soon as this year started I went to a kickboxing class (one) , it was awesome, I was feeling great, super motivated!

Next day I went outside to run , running was taboo for me but decided to give it a try.

All good , energy, Yay! 🙂

I got sick, a very bad type of cold, I couldn’t even sleep at night! Lasted for about 2 weeks and a half.  I was really pissed off as it interfered with my goal!

I couldn’t go to the kickboxing classes anymore, either way!

It was really expensive and I knew that doing the same kind of exercise would get me bored. I started to search for a gym that would offer a variety of group classes and day care services so I can leave my daughter there.

Found a great one!

I love it there but turns out my daughter doesn’t like to be left there! She cries the whole time, last time she threw up all over me so I had to go back home, then she got sick for a week, I had to workout a schedule with my husband so I can still go to the gym.

I was being able to go 3 times a week still which was good, than I got sick again for about a week.

No, not again!

Meanwhile I cut down calories, I was eating between 1200-1400 , a bit more in the weekends though and workout at home when I couldn’t go to the gym!

After 4 weeks , I get on the scale, it shows me that I gained weight, about 6lbs (3kg.) .

I started to get extremely frustrated and worried.

What the hell I was doing wrong?!

I was eating healthier than before and working out! I actually have done improvements and my results were worse than when I begun?!

Turns out my scale was broken , it was actually off by 6lbs. !

Got a new scale, I realized I didn’t gain but haven’t lost either.

I was a bit relieved and decided to not give up!

Meanwhile my car got in service for about two weeks which left me without a car, I had to share with my husband and go to gym whenever I can, still do some workouts at home.

The good part in this is that my body started to shape nicely, even if I didn’t effectively lost any pound.

The best part of all, is that despite all this obstacles and unlike other times in my life when I started working out I did not gave up!

Actually right after finishing writing this article I am going to do my workout routine .

On Monday I do upper body and later I hope to be able to go to the gym for the Cross Fit class which is one of my favorites! Hopefully my daughter cooperates and doesn’t make a big drama at the daycare!

All in all , if you have a goal and you encounter lots of obstacles, try to keep on track! Sooner or later the results will come! It may not be the result you wanted but it might be a better one!

If I managed to keep going so can you and I am a procrastinator! 😉

Good luck to you all!


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