Not knowing what are you capable of

The lesson I’ve learned from my baby girl or better said the thing she reminded me of.

She is 13 months old , she doesn’t walk yet but not because she can’t but because she doesn’t know that she can. It was the same with her standing by herself. Today she was holding a pan and made tiny steps by herself. I watched her , encouraged her and somehow she reminded me about myself. About all the things I thought I couldn’t do or that I’m not good at until I’ve done it. I had people around me who believed in me more than I ever did and they were telling me how good I am at this and that. In my mind it was always : “What do these people see in me? ” I still didn’t believe them! I thought I suck in sports but my sports teacher in high school thought I have talent, I went once to an aerobics class and the instructor told me I had talent but it was hard to believe them. Maybe it had to do with my childhood when everyone would make fun of me for not being that good at the games we were playing.

The reality is that you have to explore your potential , you have to believe when everyone is telling you that  you can and push yourself harder when everyone else is telling you that you can’t. 

How about that for a New Year Resolution?


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