Eating healthy is actually very lazy friendly

I was thinking to approach this subject as somehow eating healthy seems like lots of fuss when it’s actually not. It’s extremely lazy friendly and the least time consuming. Because most of the people think that healthy food sucks everybody is trying to come up with all kind of fancy healthy meals. It is nothing wrong with that. I love a fancy healthy meal especially if someone else cooked it for me! 😉  Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I can be pretty basic when it comes to healthy meals.

You have to keep in mind the following :

  • Olive oil, coconut oil and even butter;
  • Salt, pepper and garlic;
  • Meat, cheese and vegetables;
  • Fruits and nuts.

All you need to do with the meat and some of the vegetables is to grill it, add salt, pepper and depending on the taste garlic. Garlic is good in everything and super healthy.  Keep salt to no more or less than  2 gr. a day.

Prepare a salad with the veggies you like , add olive oil, lemon or balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper or just cut the veggies and eat them raw.

Fruits , nuts and cheese don’t need any extra preparation.

If you have a sweet tooth  , you don’t have to deny yourself everything . 2 pieces of dark chocolate a day keeps the depression away! 😉  ( Not a professional advice though. ;))  )



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