Healthy and tasty. Full meal from appetizer to desert

Hello, hello

Today I have some yummy , easy and healthy recipes for you starting from the appetizer and finishing with the desert.

I’m not a constant healthy eater but I do enjoy a good healthy meal and I try eating healthy at least when I’m at home and I can cook my own meals. I’m bad when I go out though.

Let’s get back to business and start with the appetizer.

Cucumber slices topped with avocado bites.


You need : Cucumber, Avocado, Cilantro , Spiced Salt

Prepare : Slice the cucumber, place chopped avocado on top of cucumber slices, sprinkle cilantro and spiced salt on top and ready. You can also add lime juice if you prefer. 😉


The meal : Pork loin with portobello mushroom and blue cheese


You need: Pork loin(1 lbs. or so) , beer, onion , garlic, spices, slow cooker , big portobello mushroom,crumbled blue cheese, roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

Prepare: The pork loin previously cooked in slow cooker with 1 cup beer, onion, garlic and spiced salt according to your own taste, on high for 4 hours.

Grill the portobello mushroom, top with blue cheese, put the slice of cooked pork loin on top (the heat between will slightly melt the blue cheese) and finish with a glaze of roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

Finish with a touch of desert which can also be your breakfast.

Flourless banana and egg pancakes


You need: 1 big banana, 1 medium-large egg, cinnamon, honey

Prepare: Mash a half of banana, mix with the egg, add some cinnamon and cook on a greased pan  until golden brown. Slice up the other half of banana and top the cooked pancakes with it, glaze with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

I love these pancakes as they are moist and soft. A pleasure to eat and low-calorie.

Enjoy your meal and let me know if you need extra info. 🙂




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