I wish honesty would be more welcomed…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while…

I , for one, would rather accept someone , especially my friends, family or my partner to tell me their real thoughts about me straight in my face. I like to know when I am being a jerk. Of course, it can be hard to accept in the beginning as we all want to believe and hear only good things about ourselves but we are not all good or all bad , we make mistakes some times. I was thinking that maybe if we wouldn’t take it all so personal we could have  better relationships, we could become better people ourselves.

There is a difference  though, between an angry hateful remark that might not even have anything to do with you but with that person’s emotional status and a friendly honest remark  that is made during a mature conversation.

Don’t you hate it when you can feel someone is angry with you or has something against you and have no idea why? What did you do or say?  Maybe it was just miscommunication or a simple misunderstanding?

It’s like you are not being given a chance to defend yourself or to stand up and admit you were wrong and resentment comes along…

Isn’t it ironic how we complain if we are being lied to but we overreact if we are being told the truth?

I find it weird.

I know, sometimes some white lies won’t harm .

To me, being able to be honest is equal to freedom.

Confronting or asking with calm and diplomacy can be a good way to have a good relationship.

What would you prefer? Be honest! 😉





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