New mom…What made me more patient with my baby

It is hard sometimes to keep it together when the baby is crying and nothing comforts her. It actually exhausts me sometimes. It’s like her crying drains out my energy.

It’s hard to cope with something you don’t understand especially as we can’t remember our baby life and our struggles as babies. That’s why is hard to have empathy for something you can’t understand.

Not understanding and not knowing what is happening made me want to look for answers so I did. According to the age my baby was at, 6-7 weeks then, I started to search about reasons of their crying. I found out about the growth spurts and the fact that it was the peek of her cries. I relaxed right away knowing that I don’t have a crazy crying baby or that I am the only mother in the world experiencing this. In short time the crazy cries were about to be over.

I understood that my Ema was having a hard time as well so we both worked it out together. Her by crying it out and me by understanding and comforting her all the way through that stage.

When you can’t understand , go ahead and read about it , get more information, read forums and as you will understand your baby it will be much easier for both of you.

You will be able to deal with it with patience and understanding. 🙂


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