Working out postpartum or trying to loose that baby weight

I was saying that I am going to open a new category related to motherhood life and this is my opening article. It took a while as the baby gets most of my time but here I am finally writing.

After the pregnancy I got , besides the baby, some extra weight. Around 15lbs, 7 kg. that I want to drop so my old clothes will fit again but also because I like to feel good about my body and be in shape.

How did I start? 

As soon as my doctor gave me green light to exercise the race begun.

First, I went again on My Fitness Pal app to calculate my calories and have an idea about how much do I consume daily but also because this changes the way I see the food and makes me do better and healthier choices.

In the weekends I do cheat a little , let’s say I am going around 200 calories over and I don’t exercise either. I only exercise during the week.

The exercise

As soon as Ema is taking a nap I take advantage to exercise. I would rather exercise more than eat less and the calories I loose by exercise I am allowed to take back with food but still stay in the limit of targeted calories. With exercise I eat around 1700 calories a day, without , I should eat only 1440 but because I breastfeed I  make sure I have enough nutrition. That’s why in the weekends I eat a bit more than 144o calories. I make a mix of sports. One day I do Zumba, one day I climb the hill on the treadmill, one day I tone, one day I just go for a walk outside , important is to keep moving. I do all of this at home according to Ema’s schedule of course. ;))

The good part

The good part in all of these is that working out makes me feel happier and have more patience with my baby girl. I can feel my body going back to how it used to be. I didn’t noticed big improvements on the scale yet , just 1 lbs lost as I started less then two weeks ago, but I do notice in inches and I see my belly getting flatter . The biggest improvement is the psychological one though. You need to get those serotonin levels up , especially if you are a stay at home mom.



Give yourself a brake. I was never a diet person and I don’t necessarily reach for perfection. I do what I can when I can and in the days when I am really exhausted, chocolate is my best friend. 🙂  Taking care of that baby is enough of a hard job so don’t stress out about diets, just start small , as small as you can. 🙂

For example , when I get on the treadmill I propose to myself to just burn 100 calories but each time I find myself pushing harder and end up burning 200 . I always congratulate myself at the end of each workout and at the end of each day when I managed to eat healthier. Don’t forget to do that , you deserve it and you can be your own motivator.


I have no idea yet if I will reach my goal, I’m not even desperate about it but trying makes me feel better. 🙂

Good luck to all you mothers who are trying to get back in shape after having a baby. I know it’s hard but it worth’s trying. 🙂



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