Winter time and eating habits

I don’t know about you but when it comes to cold season a salad is not something I would choose to eat. I focus on warm foods like soups, chili, steaks, pies, whatever will make me feel warm and comfortable and build up a layer of fat on my body to keep the body temperature in normal limits. ;))  Of course this is not going to go hand in hand with my fitness program I am trying to build for 2016. I will need to come up with new ways but I will let that aside for now. 😀 The body burns more calories when it’s cold outside anyway so I will catch up.

In Romania we used to drink red-hot wine.  Boil some red wine, add sugar, cinnamon and orange peel and will do more than make you feel warm . It will make you feel happy as well , plus if you add some pepper corn will help you get through a cold.

Hot chocolate is good as well but the wine does more for you if you know what I mean.

That being said, I am curious about your eating habits during cold season. Tell me about that special food that makes you feel comfortable.


5 thoughts on “Winter time and eating habits

      1. After I read your post I decided to make myself some hot chocolate. Well all I have is skim milk, and it was awful. I thought maybe the marshmallows would have helped. They didn’t! Blech!


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