How deceived can people be …

For me is hard to stand in my corner and observe in silence what is going on. I want to raise and speak up but at the same time I give myself some time because  I think I might be wrong. I need to analyze deeper before I let my first impulse go to attack.

The one thing that gets me out there  the most is religion.  This is a very hard, complex subject  that requires a big amount of attention .

The fist way you can be deceived through is thinking you know God and you know Him better than anyone because you go to church and know by heart a thousand prayers that you are so proud of. You do your religious duties very strictly.

The second thing you can be deceived through is pride . I’ve heard many times “I’m so proud to be a Christian” (not to pick only on Christians but they somehow want to give a feel that they are better than everyone else). As per my knowledge faith, spirituality go hand in hand with humility.  This reminded me of that movie “God’s not dead”. The most ignorant movie I’ve ever seen. It made me so mad. In that movie you were saved only if you were  a christian. Hello people! Get some logic! If God created us all than we are all saved , no matter what religion we belong to. People created the different religions to separate the powers. Everyone wanted power and this has nothing to do with God. If we are all His children than He doesn’t care. I know , you want to think you are more special than the others or you are more blessed or whatever but thinking this way should mean God is partial.  Is He?

The third thing you can be deceived through is rejecting other people’s choice of life because that’s what you heard your religion condemns and rejects.  Indeed , the church needs to preach some high standards but a good preacher or a good priest would never look up to the sinners thinking that he is any better so you rather take that example than throw the first stone.

The fourth thing you are being deceived through is believing that saying your prayers every night and being present to church every Sunday reserves  you a place in Heaven. It’s not about that at all. It’s about how you treat yourself, how you treat your family and the people around you, about how you respect the precious gift that has been given to you , called life.

I just wonder sometimes if we forgot to feel faith with our souls and we let our minds lead of what we hear.  I see faith and prayer as such a personal , humble relationship of you with God or Allah or whatever you name it in your religion as God is only one at the end of the day, no matter how it was described to you. But put the descriptions aside and feel those things with your heart as our mind can deceive us more often than our heart would.

Pray in peace and not out loud if what you want is for God to hear your prayer and not just the crowed .


3 thoughts on “How deceived can people be …

  1. A good reflection. you say it so rightly. I think we should let people go as they think and believe as long as they do no harm to another.I feel bad when we do name-calling. I know it is hard not to hit back when you know someone is hitting you but can’t we really stop hitting people here and there because of their religion. We’ll gain better as followers of Christ working together than in dispersed ranks and worse of all against each other. I want to thank you for this post and exhort you to keep on educating the world. Many blessings to you.

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      1. This is definitely wrong. We have to accept one another; and see not only the wrong of the other but our own too. Who can fully know God’s ways?Who is right and who is wrong? We p[ray for no name-calling; no accusations and counter-accusations. We may present ours as the best if we like; but we do not try to run down another.

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