The best thing to know about , is responsibility.

I started to get sick of seeing choices being categorized in sins and not sins. I know , some things are good, some are bad and I will not generalize this subject but one thing is clear for everybody .

With each choice you make it comes responsibility and that responsibility is yours only. 

When gay marriage got legalized in US , all “Christians” raised up against this “horrible sin” . I couldn’t understand why at all and I was born  a Christian. Maybe because I learned to use my brain and follow my heart or I am too a sinner  , who knows?

Now, the Gay “sinners” moment passed and they turned toward abortion. I will not say abortion is good , I will not say that I am for it or against it but I want to say this.

How can I fight for a choice that doesn’t belong to me?  How can I fight against a choice that I am not responsible for? How can I think about standing up for something without walking in the other person’s shoes?  Something doesn’t seem right to me. I just want to say : Leave the people alone!  

If you want this world to become a better place then let us all learn to be responsible and assume our mistakes. Let us all carry our decisions in our back and don’t look with angry hateful eyes to what the other wants to be free to decide just because you decided otherwise or because you weren’t able to choose.

We all have our own fights , our own choices and with all that comes  responsibility so start looking first to the decisions you had to make in your own life before looking to find for mistakes in the decisions of others.


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