Failure is nothing you should be ashamed of

I know how it feels like when you fail. It sucks but not completely . Think about all the other people who don’t even try to do something and then, look at yourself. You are the ambitious one, the one who wants to strive, the one who have tried . I like to win but I am a good loser as well. Failure knocks me down for the moment in a way that makes me rethink the situations and makes me wonder what can I do better next time. It somehow gets out something more, makes me want to think in a more original way, to look for new paths and at the end of the day for me it matters most the game. I was in it, I wasn’t just the audience but I was the player. I remember how as a young girl I would participate in some contests where other competitors had some people in the jury on their side and I didn’t.  I was due to fail as I knew there won’t be someone to vote for me but I knew that somewhere in the crowd there were others who wished they would be on that stage in my place . I failed many times in many situations but that never stopped me.

It’s not what you do that determines your failure but the real failure is in the things you don’t do. 


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