“Don’t worry be happy! “

Easy to say, hard to do. Did you know that worrying is the most time-consuming , unhealthy and useless activity? You might figured that out when the worry moment had passed. We all have the tendency to worry but how worrying helps us? It actually doesn’t! At all! Worrying takes from us. Takes our peace, takes our sleep, takes our time, takes our happiness.

Worrying is the proof that we forget to live in the present. How silly of us to worry about things that didn’t happened or we don’t even know that will happen.

When worry is there and wants to take over  let us ask ourselves if we have a real reason, if there is anything we can do to stop something that didn’t even happen, if it is worth it waste the precious time of our lives, if we’d rather feel stress instead of joy?

If it is for something to happen then it will happen anyway. Our job is to deal with it at that moment, which then will be the present but now is just an uncertain future.

Remember that we only have “NOW”!



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