Change now or you will change anyway

If you pay enough attention you can feel it. You can feel when it is time to make a change and most of the times the circumstances require you to change so you can evolve. Comfort zone is great! It is cozy and warm and safe . Getting out of your comfort  zone scares you.   You know that change is needed but you oppose.

It is ok.

Everyone opposes to something that scares them. It is natural but for how long you will oppose is the real problem. Will you get stuck or not?

I have a philosophy about change.

If you don’t take the change while everything is in your power and you can do it at your own pace , life might come speeding from behind  and slap  you with that change in the face and sometimes can be painful.  Life is a tough teacher showing you some tough love. 

What shall you do then?

Change , because you are forced to.

What could you have done?

Be afraid but take at least a small step toward that  change.  That change could make you a better person and take you to better places.   It is scary but will worth it.

There is a moment when we have to decide if we will do it by ourselves or if we let life do it for us. Fear will surround us . Fear is meant to protect us but sometimes it can be paralyzing . That’s when we have to be careful.  Take that fear in your arms, hold it tight if it makes you feel better and go for it.  Each time I have to make a change I am really afraid because it’s something unknown , my heart is beating hard and my legs are shaking but I know I want to reach there before life will do it for me.

I don’t want to be slapped in the face! 😉



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