My comfort food when I have migraines


I used to have painful migraines , so painful that I couldn’t eat anything and no pill could save me from it. I had to let the pain torment me until I was throwing up and only then I knew it will go away. I still have them from time to time but fortunately now are less painful although uncomfortable enough to drain my energy.

Drained out, I lay on the couch and sit there for a while until it calms down.  After it calms down a bit ,  I go for my special migraine comfort food. Jelly Beans! I am sure is all about the sugar but the jelly beans make me feel much better. After the jelly beans I attack the migraine with a cup of hot coffee and I finally feel it going away.Such a relief!

comfort food

You don’t actually know how good it feels to feel good until you felt bad. Such an irony! 

Another comfort food which is actually a drink is a Flat White from Starbucks. I go there to get it after I come from the doctor even if it was just a regular checking. ;))

Do you have a comfort food or drink for your sick days?

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6 thoughts on “My comfort food when I have migraines

    1. I don’t know if it works for everybody but before jelly beans I do to rest for a while as I have no energy. I think is all about the sugar and caffeine , this two together are a strong combination and a powerful drug. ;))

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