What do I learn from watching Animal Planet ?


Life sucks from time to time, I know, but life is amazing most of the times. It would be very hard to convince a pessimistic about how amazing life is but I won’t try as it is not my duty to convince you unless you convince yourself. One of my favorite programs to watch is Animal Planet. To see how life goes there, in nature and how intelligent are all those creatures , even the tiniest, and how perfectly have been created ,in such ways that they all have all they need to survive . How they are organized, how they get food, how they build homes and families , how they survive in the wilderness . It is amazing!  Look at them and look at yourself. You have all you need as well and in the end is about the decisions you make and the risks you take. You can sit there and complain  as much as you want about how others got more and you got less and bla bla bla. It is true that some of us are born on better grounds but we all get the same inner power to survive in “the jungle” . If instead to cultivate it and motivate yourself to survive and get better  you choose to cry and think that life suck you will just become a prey.  If you didn’t figure out life yet , watch Animal Planet from time to time and see how life , fight and sacrifice work together and as much as it is a struggle I haven’t seen any animal complaining. They move on and live their lives as they have no certitude that they will be alive tomorrow.

Now, I wonder: Have the animals figured out how life works better than us humans did?


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