Going for better. The walk through life.


In the place where I grew up, all of us, the kids there, had a childhood that put us to try. Forced us to grow up faster and motivated us to take the fate in our hands. To reach far and get a better future.  Most of us didn’t have a lot. Most of us had family problems with fights and divorce. Some other abandoned by their father , some other having to live with the early death of their father . Now we all spread in different corners of the world .  I remember how when the TV was broken or didn’t have cable yet we would gather in one’s of us house ,who had the TV working or had cable, to see our favorite cartoon. I remember how if one of us went out biting from a piece of bread because we were hungry but didn’t wanted give up playing, had to share that piece of bread with the rest and then continue playing. We were eagerly waiting for our parents to come from work hopping that they will bring us “something good” and if maybe they didn’t have money we had bread and jelly or bread and sugar.  I don’t want any of this to sound like drama but I want to make a point as I look  now to all of us, childhood friends. We all lived that life that made us go for more. We were not born rich nor it was harmony in our families , probably because of lack of money , paying bills and having to provide things for us the kids issues  but because we were living similar lives we never felt inadequate or like outcasts. We knew deep within that somewhere further  than our neighborhood there is another life for us and we were right. We learned to be  fighters. We learned to search the light. We were born  in that place where hope was our best friend and even if at a certain point we might have been afraid we developed courage to walk barefoot through life.  I look now at all of us, the children , now grown ups who lived as friends in the same neighborhood and I feel proud. We didn’t have everything given to us , we knew hot to bear and not to ask more than our parents could give us , we didn’t complain much either as that wouldn’t help with anything but  somehow we knew that we deserve better and that having “better” is possible . We knew it even if we didn’t had it. We managed to reach the better and we are still chasing “the better” each day, the better of life, the better of us.









photo source: http://www.spiritualjourneyguide.com


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