How I ended up having no problem enjoying time by myself



Most of the people hate loneliness and  most of the people confuse loneliness with time spent by themselves. I’ve heard many of my friends or some of my family calling me crazy when I would say I am having a walk by myself , or I am having breakfast somewhere out by myself but when everybody gets busy with their life what can you do? Deny your life’s pleasures just because there is no one else you could enjoy it with? I was talking to my brother the other day and I was telling him that if he doesn’t have any friend available to go out with , he should go by himself. He said that going out  by himself all the time would make him go crazy. This got me thinking .  People are afraid of being alone and this is paralyzing. This fear is stopping  them  from enjoying themselves. You should be the first person to like yourself but this seems to be hard to understand. I honestly love people and love to be around people and I love to spend time with my husband but nor my husband or these people are always available to spend time with me , we don’t always match schedules.  I have been an independent person and letting my pleasures depend on others was hard for me. It started some time ago when not having someone to go for a walk with or to drink a coffee with was stopping me from enjoying what I wanted to do. It was like I was putting myself in a prison.  I felt limited. I had to do something so I did. I started to do all those things by myself and I realized I’m not such a bad company after all.  You feel a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning but each time it will feel better and more comfortable.

You cannot just hang the things you like to do or would like to do on someone else as this is what will make you unhappy and this is what will limit you.  You can be good enough for yourself and you can be the first one to make yourself happy. Yes, it can be hard in the beginning but before discussing how hard it is why don’t you try it?


9 thoughts on “How I ended up having no problem enjoying time by myself

  1. I like your inspiring blog very much! And just like you, I enjoy very much having a coffee in the morning, all by myself, in a street coffee shop, and taking time to look around at people passing by and everything that surrounds me.


    1. Thank you Mihaela. You are so talented. 🙂 I miss so much a street coffee shop as the town I live is small and has no street coffee shops. Hope someday they will open one. 🙂 I was doing that all the time. ;))


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