Embracing my “monsters”


There are times when jealousy, ego, selfishness, anger and other inner  monsters wake up and wanna come out, they want to make a statement , they want importance. Those are the moments when most of the times I remain silent,  because I am listening. I am listening what they are telling me. I get tormented and mad inside but at the same time a part of me is still clear and calm. Is the side of me that is trying to talk to my monsters to see what  woke them up, then the discussions and negotiations start. I go deep and I look for  details. They corner me and I’m like “Ok, guys , let’s talk!”   The monsters inside don’t want to be denied or hidden  or they will seek revenge and they will try to escape in unexpected ways , to surprise me in ways I don’t want to be surprised. It happened sometimes and it was not fun. I can’t do that to them and to myself. They  are  part of me too and part of anybody. They deserve my attention and I am giving it. Is the only way to make peace. When the discussion starts  , I try to discover if there is any good reason for these monsters to over react. They come aggressively over me shouting in my brain mean thoughts. I learned to not reject them anymore because they will grow stronger and I accept them and let them speak their mind even if it is not what I want to hear but they deserve their part as we are all built from light and dark, Ying and Yang , and that is what creates balance. I am ok with them being there. I am ok with admitting that I’m not all good.

The monsters calm down easily now, they like it that I listen, they like it that I try to understand them and when they like it , they go away and let the peace set in.








photosource: Google Images



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