Snow never felt so good. 2 things about life I was reminded of.



Since the beginning of this winter I wished I could see and touch some snow. Wishing this , I have to be very lucky to happen here in Texas as it rarely snows. Back in Romania the winters are more heavy and there is almost always snow, sometimes so much that you don’t appreciate it and can’t wait for it to go away.  Today it started with some tiny flakes, looking like white rain  drops. As soon as the flakes went bigger I was embraced by a wave of happiness as it was something familiar, something that reminded me of home , of childhood and about the nice story tales about winter that I would read near the warm stove while the winter was laying down her white , puffy ,icy coat. I was excited for the white surroundings , for going out to ride my sleigh and waiting for the night to create magic while the snow became sparkly under the moon and stars light. Such a magical view that I would absorb with all my being.

Now, thinking behind and thinking about all those times I wanted the snow to go away and how now I just wished for at least a bit of it I am reminded that we always appreciate things best when we don’t have it and this worries me as I thought I passed that level  but we all do this at a certain point in our lives. We want something , if we have too much of it we’re getting bored , we get used to it and we forget to appreciate it. Then, when we don’t have it, we wish at least for a bit of it and we know we would appreciate that little bit with all our soul. We were mistaken first time.  That’s the first thing I was reminded of.

The second thing is that when you wish for something, your wishes can and will come true but not at the exact moment you want them to come true but at the right moment. It’s like you are being tested to see for how long you can hope, for how long you can believe in your own wishes.  I actually wished for some snow in Christmas time and If it didn’t happen all this time I didn’t thought it is going to happen  this year but today it happened. Should I have been unsatisfied that my wish didn’t come true when I wanted to? Maybe, but I’m not. I’m happy that it happened and I went outside to celebrate it, to smile while I was watching the snow flakes fall, to touch it, to see it setting layers on the ground and on the plants. I just received what was given and in this life , as we are givers we need to be good receivers as well. 🙂


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