Today is the Romanian Lovers Day “Dragobete”!


Today, 24 of February , in my home country  Romania, is celebrated  Lover’s Day called Dragobete. Dragobete is a mythological character and it can be compared with Cupid.  He first ruled the love in the nature as he would officiate in the sky the weddings of birds and other animals. 24 of February was considered in the past the beginning of Spring, the time when birds would build nests and look for mates. Dragobete was described in Romanian mythology as a handsome , passionate and fun young man and this tradition started to be celebrated between people too. In the old tradition , there would be groups of boys and girls gathering together to celebrate Dragobete. The girls would have to run and the boys who like them had to chase them, catch them and kiss them so they would be lucky all year and even engage in a symbolical way at that time until the real engagement would come.  From this tradition we have the saying that “Dragobete kisses the girls.”.  Today they would wash their faces with snow to be more beautiful and more loving. Another tradition that is also kept today was to put basil under your pillow before you go to bed to dream your future husband. Basil is used as a magical plant . In Orthodox churches is used when preparing holy water and some other religious rituals.

Nowadays this holiday is celebrated the same as Valentine’s Day. Lovers get together to celebrate love and share gifts.

Today we don’t only celebrate love but we also celebrate new beginnings. 🙂



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