Don’t believe what they tell you! Believe in yourself!


Getting categorized starts since you are a child. It happens sometimes by parents, sometimes by your friends and sometimes by your teachers and actually by all of them. In most cases your parents are the first ones who believe in you and help you become confident but this doesn’t mean  they can’t say negative things to you either.It happens but it doesn’t have the intention to discourage you, most of the parents don’t.

They would all share openly or not, their opinions about you, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. Positive feedback is good as it helps us grow our confidence but negative feedback as it could work as a motivation for some  can destroy others.

I have been called , even since childhood, everything. Ugly, fat, stupid, weak, to much of a dark skin, that I will never do good in sports, that I might end up a whore and many, many other things.  Sometimes I would feel sad, other times I would feel mad but I never felt that I am or going to be what they were telling me I am. My inner voice would always say “I’m better than that and I will prove it.”  I was decided to do what I have promised to myself because I knew that the only person who knows me better than anyone is me.  I was shy and sometimes I still am and this is what allowed everybody to think and say all of that probably, but what they didn’t know is that I was actually building myself stronger and growing ambition with each of their negative feedback. It was the rebel in me telling  “Don’t believe them, you can do better!” .  Then, another help came on my path. Teachers who believed in me and saw potential , friends who trusted me, managers who saw that I can do better and even if I was making mistakes sometimes they trusted me to go on, a husband who have seen the kind of love I am capable to offer. People who saw more than I could even see in myself sometimes, more, not less! I felt this as a reward for believing in myself, for having trust that I can do better. I was right! Even if sometimes i was sad and cried, sometimes I was mad, other times I wondered if they were right and indeed I am ugly and weak and whatever,  I never gave up believing that I can do better and that whatever they say it doesn’t really matter as they don’t know me really well.

I was shy and it was hard to know the real me and most of the times I wouldn’t respond to insults.  With each “punch in the chest” I got stronger and harder to knock down . This is where I am now. I am at that point where I know what I am capable of , I know I can do better and try to become a better person and even if I may not succeed with everything at least I will know I tried and one things is for sure, I will never stop trying.

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes as we all do and as we are not perfect but this is ok. Just go on!  🙂








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