Why I am a morning person and why I don’t hate Mondays


Ups! I just said it. Probably you realize you don’t like me already only by reading the title. Especially if you are not a morning a person and if you hate Mondays then you might have to have your coffee before I come around or just carry a pepper spray to make me keep the distance.

When I was in school I used to hate Sunday afternoons as it would be my reminder that it follows a new day of school and maybe I was not that ready to face my teachers because I mostly played all weekend. Having homework in weekend or in the holidays never made sense for me. That was supposed to be free time! Probably I wouldn’t have hated Sundays at all if we didn’t have any homework but it was not the case.

I honestly thought going to work is easier than going to school and I still think it this way. ;)) I had no homework. 😉

By being a morning person doesn’t mean that I’m always up at 6 am or 7 am but it doesn’t actually bother me if I have to do it . I am happy in the mornings because I think it is the right attitude to start your days with . There is loud music (if I am alone) , opening the door to breathe some fresh air for few seconds, thinking about a yummy breakfast, making a good hot coffee, planning the day, there is a lot going on and everything for me is so exciting. If there is such a thing , I’ m just saying, I think I might have died too early in a previous life and I learned to enjoy every moment in this life or maybe this is how I feel. Who knows?!

Mondays are pretty much like mornings for me. Monday brings excitement and new beginnings. While I was having a job , I had this ritual to start each week and each month with a smile on my face and in good mood so my whole week and my whole month will go like this.

It is true though that on Mondays I would have a slower start but I wouldn’t get stressed about it. Music, few sips of coffee thinking about my big dreams and ways to accomplish them , writing down crazy ideas made my day better.

If I can enjoy it, why hate it? 🙂 






photo source : pinterest



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