Who gave you the right? A matter of church and religion.



This will be a tough and controversial subject but I can’t shut my mouth and especially when it comes to what is fair and of people rights. I just can’t and don’t want to so here it comes. This morning I read the article of this girl who is not allowed to get involved in the church community for sexual orientation reasons  and she and her partner has a lot to give.

At the end of the day they can give to the community without being involved in the church but they are Christians, they were raised like this and they want to . Plus, I see it as a right they have. This should be an alarm sign for you “holly people” who believe that church is right because it is not. Church must not reject anyone, sinner or not sinner . That is the purpose of church.  Do you think Jesus was hanging out in the church all day with the priests talking about how holly they are and how many good deeds they are doing? No! He was out with the people who needed him most. He was full of acceptance and compassion, empathy and righteousness .  I am not a religious person myself and please understand the word religious (I don’t like dogma and indoctrination as I like the freedom of my belief and my spirituality.) but with all that I do go to a church (was a compromise between me and my husband) and not because I’m afraid I will not get to Heaven but because of the priest there who is fair and compassionate and who accepts people for who they are and only because he understood the meaning of the church.  But if you are not this kind of church then please do not try to say that you serve in the name of Lord because you don’t even know what you are serving.

Who gave you the right to reject people ? Who? I honestly refuse to close my eyes and believe blindly in this kind of system. I tried but there is a power greater than me that doesn’t let me . This power is a rebel fighting inside of me and tells me to think and to speak up to what is fair .

I don’t know to give you verses from the Bible but I know how to give you verses from the soul and they include people with all their good and bad parts, they include people of all sexual orientation. They are people and they deserve to be accepted , they also deserve kindness and compassion.  So in conclusion yes the church rejects some who are not included in their own limited system but you know what ?

God, Jesus , Divinity or other greater power that you believe in does not rejects and if you think it does than it means you believe in the wrong entity!

Probably you will try to contest by saying , yes, but the Bible says this and that. And I would say “Ok, but what does your mind say? What does your soul say?

Here is the link to that girl’s article and she also has verses from the Bible 😉  You can choose what you want to see or what you want to hear but what is fair is fair and the truth will always be there.



I do love this picture and thumbs up for this church. 🙂








photo source: http://www.chairmansnews.com / http://www.theurbanpolitico.com


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