That cereal commercial made us run to IHOP at midnight



I started this year with a more eat healthy attitude and with more physical activity. It was all good until one night , when me and my husband were watching TV. A cereal commercial shows on TV but didn’t make us at all interested in the cereals but in the french toast showing up in the beginning of the commercial. It looked so puffy and  yummy with that syrup on that we couldn’t even remember the name of the cereal company.  We tried to resist for two days as that french toast image was coming into our thought and made us crave it more and more( the french toast not the cereals) .  In the end we gave up and we ended up having french toast and crepes at midnight at IHOP.  We did not feel much guilt, it was that commercial’s fault. At least if they were showing some chocolate or cinnamon cereals to “toast the temptation” because seriously, some plain cereals won’t do it.

We kept wondering how they didn’t notice that they made that french toast look better than the cereals. I think I will avoid their other commercials from the “Temptation” series or who knows what else I will crave and for sure it won’t be their cereals.

For those who haven’t seen the commercial yet, here it is and try not to crave for some french toast. ;))













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