My confusion about biscuits in US


Freezer-Biscuits                     VS             salam-biscuiti-populari


When I moved to US it was not only the cultural difference I had to get used to and still am but also with the food.


It didn’t took me long to find out that what I considered biscuit was not the same with what biscuit is consider in US. I was really in the mood for my kind of biscuits so I told my husband I would like to have some. He told me I have to wait for a while so I hanged around doing some other stuff.  After few minutes he tells me the biscuits are ready. I looked around but I couldn’t see the biscuits, then he points to some bread buns and he tells me “Here, I made you biscuits!” . I looked confused . “These are not biscuits , this is bread! ” He insisted that those were biscuits and I was insisting on my biscuits like a spoiled child when he’s not getting what he wants. I do have a problem with getting my food right though. ;)) I was getting frustrated as I was not getting my biscuits and then I explained that for me biscuits are something like Oreos or sometimes crackers.

How come he didn’t know what I actually want? I thought he can read minds! Like any other women thinks about their men.

I find out then that Oreos are actually  called cookies. Another confusion,  as  I was associating cookies with cake or something similar to a cake. With creams and toppings , like a brownie or so.

It was confusing for a while but now I got it and I even like the American biscuits but I like to eat it warm with honey. 🙂





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