Healing , soothing tea for your health



Europeans are much more tea drinkers than Americans. Especially when it comes to hot tea . Me and my brother used to have hot tea for breakfast with toast and jelly. It was the perfect breakfast for us. Apart of seeing drinking tea as a cultural thing we should see it as a health thing. In my culture, herbal teas are used to treat different health issues. Maybe not necessary to completely treat but will help a lot and as a pill nasty taste hater I do prefer a hot soothing tea to help me not matter if it is summer or winter .

I will share bellow my favorite herbal teas and how they help with health.

1.  Mint tea. I love this one. It calms your stomach when it hurts or burns , help with diarrhea problems (this is its main use in Romania or at least pretty much known in my family)   and helps in relieving headaches. The minty fresh flavor is a plus.

2. Chamomile tea. I used to pick the flowers myself as it was growing in front of my house. It is not only good to drink it but also good in baths or face wash. Calms skin irritations or other skin infections, eczema , stimulates your immunity and helps with insomnia as it has a calming effect.   It acts like an antibiotic for infections, also helps with menstrual pains or indigestion. This tea is one of the most medicinal and helpful herbal tea . Have a health problem? Drink some!

3. Linden tea.  This is a very perfumed and aromatic flower that grows in trees. I love its aroma and when those trees bloom it is a pleasure to be around them. It is a honey like scent. This tea has lots of benefits . We were using it most for its calming effect but also to help in case of fever or coughs. In case of stress, physical exhaustion, insomnia, migraine,  kidney pains, muscles pains , the linden tea can help. It also can be used for baths especially for children with excessive  agitation .

If you drink this I recommend you to stay in the comfort of your home as it will make you calm and sleepy. Has a bit of a sedative effect . 🙂

4. Sage Tea. – I did not really drank much of this one but I will as it has many benefits. Has many benefits for the nervous and digestive system and for skin and hair. It is excellent for whitening your teeth and refresh your breath. It is heart healthy, improves the blood flow, prevents and treats diabetes, helps with menopause problems and has a calming effect in case of stress or digestion problems. More than that helps to lose weight and eliminate cellulite. 

4. Green tea. – Well, we are all aware of the benefits of this tea. It helps with digestion and with detox the body. Helps in loosing weight and eliminating cellulite.It is energizing as it contains caffeine.


The recommended  dosage is 2 cups /day.  Also like other treatments , if you drink it on a regularly basis it is good to take a 1 month break after 3 month of drinking a certain type of tea.







photo source: http://www.teamajesty.com


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