Empowering thoughts



Unless you are that perfect perfection who suffered no imperfection ever you should remind yourself all the above. I don’t believe that there is any person on this planet who didn’t learned how powerful he or she is until they met pain.

We would probably never find out how much we can learn and it is to be learned until we made mistakes. I excelled at making mistakes and I am sure I will still make some but I have learned so much and besides that,  a friend of mine had this saying that remained in my mind ” Only the one who doesn’t work doesn’t make mistakes.”!

You had to do something after all to get into making a mistake. ;))

Failure equals trying in my mind. Failure also equals finding new ways or different results  and failure should equal loser only if you stop trying because then you will be  a loser by choice.


At the end of the day we can all choose to be the victims of pain, mistakes or failure or we can choose to be the winners.


4 thoughts on “Empowering thoughts

  1. Great post! You’re exactly right, it’s all about learning from your mistakes. They’re inevitable, it’s what you do with them that matter most. Every experience, whether good or bad, is an opportunity to learn and get better.


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