Karma coming back? What Muslims should and could do.

Before throwing ourselves on Muslims due to the latest cruel events let us remember how Christians were the persecutors before and how we tried to persecute the Muslims if they wouldn’t accept Jesus as their Lord and also let us remind the cruel crimes in the name of God.

I want us to remind this because this will stop us all from judging so fast and especially to think that every Muslim is a criminal or a terrorist although the extremists are trying to bring this on all the Muslims because be honest , the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear Muslim is terrorist and I will not completely blame you considering the facts but I will blame you if you refuse to use your brain and if you think that if one is bad all are bad.

Every garden have some bad weeds but every garden has beautiful flowers.

I bet the first thing that came into Muslims mind when they have seen that terrorist attack in Paris  was  “Please don’t be Muslim!”  . For the rest and best of them it is  stressful  as they will feel angry and suspicious eyes in the back of their neck so let us choose our words carefully when judging. Of course the latest events gross me out and I wish the worst for those criminals taking innocent lives but  we might never be able to banish all evil from Earth.

When this acts refer to a certain culture the best ones to deal with it is that culture. Muslims should unite against this extremists to defend their own pride and their own religion because what this extremist are doing is coming like an offence on all the others. For the rest of us is very hard to interfere or to get with a message to them because we are not coming from the same culture or religion and everyone understands better when they are being spoken on their own “language” so this is a Muslim people job.  This is something they can do much better than the rest of us because we can not understand that well what they understand . I believe that if  Muslims will adopt a more strict approach for this criminal acts it will be better understood because if I know a thing about Muslims is that they care a lot about their culture, religion and respect but they understand it better between each other so whatever  it is needed to be addressed regarding peace , religion and respect to the Muslims extremists should be addressed by Muslim population itself.   This being said , I would like to ask you to gather Muslim people,  and stand up for what is right! Stand up for your true believes and not for what the extremist are trying to make you look like!

Change the message the “bad weeds” in your garden are trying to send to this world because this is a power you have in your hands when it comes to your own people, the rest of us do not have!


May we all work together to make this World a better place!


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