Comparing the educational system in Romania with the one in US


I am not writing this article to criticize any of the systems but per contrary I want to highlight the fact that we actually have a good system in Romania but we can also take something from the system in US and also the system in US could be improved by taking something from the system in Romania. Also it might help you reconsider your opinion about your own educational system.

1. In Romania , the children in schools get allowance, around 15$/month. It is not much but in US they don’t get any allowance.

2. In Romania school starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. max , except for High School and College when the schedule is longer, which gives the children time for lunch, nap, homework and recreation. In US school  starts around 8:45 and ends around 4 or 4:30 , if some of the kids have extra activities they might finish around 5:30. Get home around 5 or 6. They only have time for homework and diner and maybe 30 min to watch TV or play until they go to bed.  Honestly I think it is too much for a child .

3. The way it is scheduled. In Romania they have the easiest studies on Mondays and Fridays and the difficult ones in the middle of the week when the child is more able to pay attention , then they either mix an easy study after a difficult one , for example drawing lessons after math or they put the easy ones at the end of the school day when children are already tired and not so able to focus, like music, sports, arts..etc.  Exams should not be on Fridays as they have in US but on Mondays or Tuesdays is the most suitable. Fridays children are already tired and thinking about weekend so there is a higher tendency for failure . I have not notice in US  a pattern regarding the way they organize the study hours.

4. Referring to homework , I like better the project method they have in US which allows a better practice of the theory learned in school. They are very oriented on practice and the way they teach is very good and also there is a more friendly and comfortable approach. Romania just started to go in this direction which I think is much better than the old style of learning.


5. Learning a foreign language. The time to start is as early as possible. It was such a surprise for me that US did not have that. The children have the possibility to study a foreign language in school maybe in 7th grade. In Romania they start learning a foreign language since kinder garden and when they start school they learn two foreign languages. These are compulsory matters.


Although keeping the children active and involved in a lot of activities is a very good thing I also believe in children’s childhood full of games and recreational time to spend with their friends especially after school. It is like going for a drink with friends to forget about that hard day you had at work.

The good part about the longer school schedule is that matches the time when the parents get home from work and also I like the fact that there is an option to home school your children. 🙂

If you have more information or opinions regarding the theme of this article I would love  for you to share it.





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