Rules I follow when I make my New Year Resolution


I am making a new year resolution for some years now but I call it the new year plan or wish list.  At the end of each year I analyze it to see how much I have accomplished or how many of my wishes came true. This year I had a 60% accomplishment, 20% is in process and the other 20% didn’t happened at all as it is somehow related to the other 20%.

Most of people have a very short resolution, they just want to be happy, healthy, in love and so on. Nothing wrong with that but to test your potential or to see how things work you can make a longer list where you can even add your biggest , craziest  dreams.  Never be afraid to dream! It cost you nothing. 😉

Some very important thing you should know when you make your resolution or wish list:

1.  Add as many details as possible.

2. Relate to it as if it is present time,  like you already have it.

3. Put emotion in it. Imagine that you already have that thing you wish or want to accomplish and bring on the emotions you would have if you would have it.

4. Put the list in a safe place and open it from time to time during the year just to check the results. It will help you find out on what you should focus most.

5. Be optimistic about it but keep a clear head at the same time. Not all the time things will come out as you wish but it is a matter of time. The lowest percentage I had ,was 50% ,I think, and the highest 80% .

6. Don’t make an obsession out of it. Be relaxed. Life follows its course no matter what. 🙂


I follow this rules each time I write my resolution and It works pretty good for me.

I wish for you to have a great 2015 New Year with lots of accomplishment and with everything your soul needs.

Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂




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