Starting the getting in shape resolution before 2015 starts





I have paused my exercise time for two months or so . The fact is I wasn’t in the mood for it at all . I mainly sat at my laptop and blog, spend time on the internet and with my pets do house chores and so on but no exercise. It actually didn’t bother me as I said I will start in January 2015. My husband said that he doesn’t want to start when everybody does and we should start now before the year ends. Honestly I thought it is a good idea but it will be hard to do. There is a reason why everyone gets more relaxed during this time of the year. We have parties to attend and it is not that easy to say no to all those goodies although it is easier in US that would have been for me in Romania. We eat lots of pork meat in the Christmas time and lots of meat in general and the tables are always full with several types of food that you can’t say no to. I love it all! Anyways, back to our getting in shape thing. We were supposed to start this on Tuesday. We didn’t of course. We had a guest so we had pizza for dinner.  Wednesday we didn’t have time. I decorated the Christmas Tree on Wednesday so that was my workout. Yesterday I was laying on the couch thinking about exercising but just sitting there looking at the Christmas Tree felt so good.  I thought I should watch some workout videos on YouTube maybe it will put me in mood to exercise. Actually it did! I did 30 min of exercise and ate healthy. The trouble started in the evening when I got  hungry. I ate a banana before dinner  thinking  it should make me not exaggerate with food later. We had tomato soup  for dinner which would have been perfect if I wouldn’t  smell the grilled cheese sandwich my husband was cooking. I love cheese!  Dang it! Now I had to have one! I really didn’t have too but I wanted too so I asked him to make me one ending the night in the “Not Getting in Shape” spirit. It is not like I am going to be on a diet anyway. I don’t agree with diets but I do agree with exercising and eating as healthy as you can and even eat some chocolate. The best time of the day to eat sweets is in the morning preferably before 11 a.m. .  I read in a magazine that during holiday times when there is a tendency to say yes to all the foods,  you will get some balance if you manage to walk 12000 steps each day. I walk around 5000 everyday just doing stuff around the house so it is not such an unreachable goal.

I have no idea if starting to get in shape now before the New Year comes will work  nor I put all my hopes in it but I will try . 🙂


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