My thoughts today and everyday. About life’s treasure.


There are things I tend to think about everyday. These things make me more conscious of the good things around us. Makes me aware of all the amazing things we have and how precious and simple at the same time they are. They are no secret to anyone as we encounter them in every day of our lives.


I am thinking about kindness. How a simple act of kindness  can melt the coldest heart or how a kind word can simply disarm someone. I was thinking about myself how sometimes I would answer humble and kindly to people who tried to humiliate me even if I was really mad but the fact that my attitude made them calm down and smile in matter of seconds gave me an immense satisfaction . I did something good.  I also remember times when I was the mean one , when my mouth would speak before my brain would think.  How awful and full of shame I would feel!  Then I remembered one thing our teacher read to us in high school , I don’t remember the author but I do remember the saying because It is so true ” The worst thing you can do to your enemy is to show him that you are the kind one while he is the mean one. ”

I am thinking about happiness. How contagious happiness can be and how it is the best things to share and multiply . You can multiply it infinitely. You don’t even have to do anything particularly except to be happy yourself.  You can’t feel happy every second but when you feel it the most make sure you share it.  People enjoy being near happy people because it makes them feel happy too. It is that simple.

I am thinking about gratefulness. How I am grateful for every day of my life. “If you have good days!” you might say , but it takes knowing a bad day  to appreciate a good one and at the end of the day most of us are grateful just for being alive, for still being able to look our loved ones in the eyes, to take a breath of the air outside, to take a glimpse of the sky, to admire the nature, to pet our dog or  listen to our favorite song. How amazing are these simple things!

I am thinking about love. How pure is this feeling and how it fulfills you! You can’t say you have it all if you don’t have love. Love is everywhere. Love for your children, love for your parents, love for your soul mate, love for life , love for yourself and love for the sake of love.

I am thinking about hope. How many of us hope had helped survive and fight . The hope for a better day or a better life. Hope helped us move on , hope helped us get up whenever we fall . Hope helped us have big dreams. Hope stays with us until the last moment like a loyal friend of partner would.


As I am going through my thoughts I hope we all encounter all these treasures given for free in our lives and even if our lives are busy and we run everyday to survive or to make a living I hope we will always remind ourselves more often  of what life is giving  than what life is taking.



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