Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hi there! This is the season of gifts and happiness. Is a season of giving and receiving and I absolutely love it.  If you are out of ideas I can give you some ideas of gifts  you can give for Christmas and not only. I am generally paying attention to what people around me like so I am prepared most of the times. 🙂

Men and Women

1. Cozy pajamas.

2. Perfume

3. A sweater

4. A scarf

5. A pair of nice gloves

6. A workout outfit (If they are into workout . If not , giving this would be like you would call them fat! ;)) )

For Women 

Quick note. Women like to have what is new and it is even better if it is a famous brand to brag to their friends about it. ;))

1. Jewelry

2. Perfume (Ask for what is new)

3. Make up  (You can find some really nice sets now in the Christmas time. As long as it is a known brand you don’t have to worry about the rest. )

4. A face treatment kit

5. A nice purse

6. A nice dress

7. A beauty book

8. A jewelry box

9. Some cute lingerie (From Victoria’s Secret might sound good)

10. A gift card to her favorite shop

11. A gift card to a spa treatment

12. Body lotions

13. A cooking kit only if she is a chef or really, really loves cooking.

For Men

1. A nice shirt

2. Tools kit

3. Something related to a hobby of his (it can be a movie collection,  a new computer program, ski outfit, golf kit, a gun case, some old comics,  photo camera, etc…)

4. Perfume, after shave

5. A watch

6. A tie

7. A gift card to his favorite shop

8. Football, Soccer or any other game tickets .

9. A new razor machine

10. A new computer bag

11. Socks and Lingerie

The list can be longer but I hope this will be helpful for you. Women are more in trend with what is new as they shop more and read more magazines so if you don’t know what to buy for a woman when you go to the store ask for what is new related to the item you want to buy or just peak in one of her magazines.

Men prefer their gifts to be useful and interesting as they are more practical so just find out what he likes most and go for it. They also appreciate the quality in things.

If you have more ideas please share it so we will make sure we won’t miss a good idea. 😉

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