St. Nicholas is bringing goods in your boots

mos-nicolae mesaje-de-mos-nicolae


One of my favorites winter holidays was and still is St. Nicholas day which is celebrated tomorrow on 6th of December but tonight is the night  when a gift will be left in your boots. We are celebrating this in Romania but even if I am far I keep the tradition with me. I remember how excited me and my brother were. We would clean our boots and make it look shiny , then put it at the door or at the window  where St. Nicholas will find it and put small gifts in it. What a joy we had in the morning!

In the older times the children would receive only fruits and vegetables , then they started to receive sweets and even toys.

For several years I am writing letters to St. Nicholas and put it in my boots before I go to bed. It is more like a spiritual thing for me.  St. Nicholas was a protector of the children and he always helped the poor. He was rich but he used all he had to help the others. He deserves this holiday in his name. The tradition says that for the naughty children he will only put a stick in the boots. Be aware naughty ones! ;))

Tonight I will leave my boots with the letter in it by the door because St. Nicholas is coming to town . Don’t worry if you will not find anything in your boots, not even a stick, because for sure St. Nicholas left something in your soul.

Happy St. Nicholas to all of you who celebrate it! 🙂

Even if St. Nicholas day is not part of your own tradition it is never to late to start making it your own! 😉



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