The wisest punishment I got as a child




Being a child is so fun . You have no worries (except school) and almost no responsibility (except if you have a little brother like I do) . 🙂 Me and my brother used to play a lot but also to get our butt kicked by our parents . I would mostly take it for my brother too because he was running while I was staying to receive my punishment. Sometimes I would hide in the bathroom and stay there until my mother calmed down with the excuse that I have to poop. It could even be an hour or so but I was just not in the mood to get my butt kicked right then.  For me , getting spanked was not such a big deal. I wasn’t even crying most of the times and If I did was when I was really afraid.  My mother was spanking us as a punishment but my father was lecturing us for hours which was worse. Super booorrrriiiiingggg!!!! We were praying for our father just to slap us and  be done with that long boring lecture. But I guess he just likes to talk a lot.   As I was growing up it became very hard for my mom to control me by threatening with spanking or not letting me go outside to play with my friends. She couldn’t send me in my room as I didn’t have one my own or any electronics or important toys . I had my imagination and my brother so she couldn’t actually punish me with anything as I was not responding well to this kind of “parent manipulation” . I was not a naughty child nor I caused to many problems  but sometimes my personality wanted to show some force. I was very docile in general but had some things I was stubborn about.

What was actually working was when I knew my mother was upset on me or sad and that was caused by the way I acted. Knowing that my actions actually hurt a person I love and who was so closed to me was the real punishment for me. In that moment I felt sorry for my actions and my only desire was to make it right. The physical punishment and threats were not working on me but the emotional one did. Feeling embarrassed by my actions and knowing that what I was doing made my parents upset was the real lesson for me and for my brother too.  The funny part was that my parents had no idea that this worked better than spanking or long lectures but I did because it was a matter of feeling and not a fight for who has the power , the parents or the children.

As a matter of fact if we analyze the whole thing , what matters most for a child is not the toys or the electronics but is the attention of his parents and the feeling that his actions are being approved. At the end of the day we all want to be good and the real lessons always come from something you felt on the inside and not on the outside. 😉


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