My 1918 steps on 1st of December

1st of December

Today is 1st. of December! Is the birthday of my beloved country Romania but also the beginning of a month full of joy for most of us. In the morning I went out in the yard to play for few minutes with my dogs. It felt cold but the December type of cold.It hurts you a little but  somehow it makes you happy.   A dry cold air encouraged by the wind could be felt around pinching my cheeks. I usually don’t like cold at all but today it felt right. It felt like I was waiting for it or maybe is just because it reminded me of the winter in Romania. “I need to feel more of that”. I said to myself. It was the time for me to go for a walk. I love to walk . I could walk for miles with my thoughts , looking around, paying attention to the life around me, analyzing my feelings , for me it feels like meditation or better. It feels like finding a sort of inner peace.  I got my coffee ready in a to go cup, put on my winter jacket and got out for a walk in the neighborhood as that’s the nearest place where I can actually walk. In this small city in Texas there aren’t really sidewalks so I walk where and when I can.  I felt free as soon as I walked out the door. I was enjoying the cold maybe for the first time in my life. Yesterday was unusually warm for November (probably not for November in Texas) . It was like November was telling us to enjoy the warmth as we still can because December wants its throne from the first day.

I was walking happily observing the trees , the houses, the leafs blown by the wind and the ducks on the small lake. As I was walking I was moving the coffee cup from one hand to another. As soon as one of my hands froze I would move the coffee in the other and warm my hand in my pocket.  I started to feel so thankful for my feet. They take me everywhere. Maybe you don’t see having feet like something special but I do. I love to dance, I love to walk so I have to be thankful for having them.

The wind was feeling colder but this was not disturbing my walk. I was still moving the coffee cup from one hand to another. There were so many leafs on the ground. I remembered how when I was a child I would  gather  all of them, making a bed out of leafs and just let myself fall in it. It felt amazing!  I just finished the tour of the neighborhood. I got in front of my house , checked the empty mail box, looked at the naked tree that few days ago still had copper leafs. As soon as I opened the door the warmth inside made me feel so welcomed. Like a mother waiting for her child with a cooked meal. I realized it was really cold outside.

Today my 1918 steps started the month of December for me. My 1918 steps made me realize how I can appreciate things I never thought I will and how I can be thankful for things that we just consider simple and normal. Today my 1918 steps helped me meditate and exercise, helped me welcome December as it deserves to be welcomed. With a smile on my face and hoping for the best.

Now I am only waiting for the first snowflakes! 🙂

Have a happy December everyone! 🙂


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