Apple and Pear, Dessert and Snack

Here I come again with some of my fruit recipes. This is something you can do with one apple and one pear when you are hungry and in a hurry.

1. Baked apple stuffed with goat cheese.

Ingredients : 1 medium apple cut in half and core , goat cheese (around 1 tbsp), crumbled pistachios, 2 tbsp brown sugar, cinnamon sugar .

Preparation : Pour some cinnamon sugar inside the apples , add the goat cheese, crumbles pistachios , and the brown sugar (1 tbsp for each half but if you prefer sweeter add more) . Put the apples on a baking sheet in the preheated oven 350F and bake for 20 minutes.

You will have such an yummy desert! 😉

IMG_0841 IMG_0843 (1)


2. Sliced pears with cheese topping

Ingredients: 1 medium pear sliced, goat cheese and blue cheese ( 2 full tbsp. + 1tbsp. ) , ground cinnamon, natural sliced almonds .

Preparation : in a pan melt and mix on medium low fire the goat cheese and blue cheese, then spread eat evenly on each pear slice , top with some ground cinnamon and sliced almonds and your tasty quick snack is ready!

IMG_0946 IMG_0948



Enjoy! 😉


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