Simple but important things my parents thought me



There are important things you learn from your parents that you will treasure for ever! 


For each of us there are some things our parents told us when we were kids (before turning into a teenager) that will build our base for what kind of people we will turn out to be in the future. For me , there are many I vividly remember and helped me through life.  I am almost 2 years older than my brother so I needed to be wiser and more responsible too as I was taking care of him when my parents were at work.

1. Always admit your mistakes or when it is your fault.  An admitted mistake is half forgiven. This is what my mother would tell both of us when one of us did something bad and we were afraid to say which of us did it. After this, with tears in our eyes we would admit (me, my brother or both).  Then, the punishment, as promised by the words, was not that bad but we were asked to explain why we did it and then we had to repair it.  This words motivated me until this day to be honest, to say the truth, to recognize my fault and assume responsibility even if it is not easy but people around me appreciated and doing the right thing made me feel good.

2. Never steal anything. We lived really modest days but our parents told us to never steal as it is one of the most degrading things we can do and  nobody will ever trust us again.

3.  Do not accept any chocolate, candy or any invitation from a stranger. If it was to be approached they told us to say that our father is right behind us and stopped by the store or to scream. We didn’t have mobile phones so we needed to learn to protect ourselves.

4. To take care of each other. Even if we would sometimes  fight ,  the rest of the time me and my brother were very protective of each other.  We would hold hands when walking on the street, waking up each other when we were afraid and  I was very careful for something not to happen to him as I was the older one. Many parents don’t think is a good idea to teach the kids to be responsible for each other but this actually gets them closer and makes the older child treat the younger brother wiser and kinder. My brother would get jealous on me but I wouldn’t get jealous on him. Whatever we received as sweets will pass by his hands to measure first so he will make sure I was not getting more but I had nothing against that. I was the older one!  Taking care of my brother taught me responsibility from an early age and being responsible for him made me wiser.

5. Sending us to buy grocery or to pay bills. I was a very shy girl. If my mother wouldn’t have forced me to go to these big grocery stores and big buildings to pay bills I would probably be afraid now to go somewhere and ask a simple information. I was crying when she would send me but she would always tell me “Go! Because there will be a point when you will have to do this later in life by yourself and this is a good chance to learn!” and she was right.

6. Hygiene!  I lived in a country where having water inside the house and toilet inside was a big deal. You would have it only if you lived in an apartment but if you lived in a house you had to be rich to have it which we were not. We had some plastic buckets and  me and my brother would carry water in it ,I had to encourage him about it as he didn’t like to do it and especially in the winter time. Those buckets were on a bench in the hall way near a big plastic pot. On that bench you could find soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes and another big plastic cup. Each morning we would wash our faces and brush our teeth there and in the winter time that water was freezing cold and the hall way was cold too but having dirty faces was not acceptable.  Then we had clothes we were using to play outside and a set of nice clothes we would use to go out. Maybe this is a Romanian thing but if we had guests , me and my brother would look impeccable and at the school the same.  This definitely helped us take a better care of our image in the world and take care of our things too even if they were just clothes.

7. Respect and good manners!  The number 1 rule here was to be very respectful with other people but with our parents too. Salute respectfully when you go in and also when you go out, say thank you, eat with your mouth closed as no one has to see your chewed food or hear your eating noises, learn how to eat properly with knife and fork. I was so excited when I learned that I couldn’t wait to go to a restaurant to show off.

The number 2 rule was that if we had guests me and my brother had to mind our own children business and do not interrupt or act like spoiled brats or even stay in the same room with the gown ups. We had not to create any embarrassing situations so we were more well-behaved  if we had guests or if we were at someones house.

Learning this helped me increase the respect for myself by showing respect to the others. We had to make no difference to whom we should show respect too.

These are only some of the many lessons I’ve learned from my parents that helped in my life and also brought me appreciation and respect from other people too but this I learned through repetition as each time I would fail as a child to one of this lessons it was reminded and explained to me again and again until it became natural.




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