When Monday feels lazy



Some times I feel lazy on Mondays.  It’s like I’m trying to get in the week mood even though for a year I am in vacation. To make myself feel like I am actually going somewhere or something is changed I don’t go back in the bedroom until before going to sleep at night. I spend my days in the living room, kitchen and yard with the dogs. That’s not my thing really but I still practice my driving as I can’t go anywhere around here without a car. No sidewalks , no public transportation and long distances. Fortunately I have my husband whom I wait like a puppy to take me out! ;)) The good part is that I am learning how to drive.

Anyways, returning to lazy Monday. I don’t hate Mondays! For me Monday represents a new beginning even if the beginning might be slower . When I was a child I used to hate Sundays or better said Sunday afternoons because I knew the day of school is getting closer. It was giving me a kind of anxiety.

When Monday feels lazy I give myself some time for the start. I drink my coffee, eat a piece of chocolate but what really gets me going and also brings waves of good energy is music. Never slow music in the mornings though. Something exotic and Latin, even an energizing  house mix (http://djdark.ro/ ) . My favorite was listening to samba. It would make me feel like I am at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Music is my number one routine when I feel lazy or have no energy. I am dancing right now as I write this article that I thought I will not be able to write today but I did. 😉

What do you do when your  Monday feels lazy? 🙂

This is one of my favorite songs to start my Mondays. Close your eyes, move your hips and imagine you are in Brazil.





photo source: http://www.quickbase.intuit.com


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