Easy pear dessert or what can you do with 1 pear!

I love fruits. I love them raw, in salads, meals and desserts. Yesterday I used 1 pear to prepare for myself a nice salad for lunch and a quick and simple desert. The salad is exactly the same recipe as the grape salad I posted the other day only that I added a 1/2 of pear.  With the other 1/2 I made myself a delicious dessert.

Ingredients : 1/2 medium pear, 1 tbsp 1/2 brown sugar, few drops of red wine, 1 meringue for topping (this is what I had in the house but you can top with anything you want, even Oreos)

Preparation : I cut the pear in smaller pieces, i put it in a small pan on medium-low fire, I added the sugar and mixed it until the sugar started to melt . I added few drops of red wine , probably 1/4 of cup or less and let it boil in that syrup until the wine started to evaporate and it remained a thicker syrup in the pan with the pears.

I put the pears with the syrup on a plate and topped with a crumbled meringue. This is a desert you will not be able to chew as it will melt in your mouth.

FullSizeRender (69)

FullSizeRender (70)


Fast, easy and tasty! Enjoy!


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