Pleasing others



Most of us do it. Accepting  compromises we don’t find convenient just to please the others. We are afraid not to be rejected. What this brings us? Frustration! It took me a while to train myself to say No from time to time. So many times I said Yes just to please. I was dishonest to myself and to the other who , without knowing  was just taking advantage of my own weakness. Thinking about this makes me feel like a coward. What kind of person should I have been before to not be able to stand up for myself?   I have the right! I have the right to do things that will please me too. It took me a while to  realize that I don’t need to prove that I’m the kindest person on this planet but I have a duty to be honest with myself and with the others. I don’t say No because I am mean or I want to be mean or I don’t want to help someone in need.

I say No when doing a certain thing is not compatible with what I would like to do or I feel like doing. Don’t I need to listen to myself too? I ignored many times that voice inside me begging me to say Yes to myself. I thought is ok! I thought I don’t need that Yes anyway! I was afraid I will be rejected or considered a bad person. So wrong! When I first said my first No I felt good and nobody had nothing against it. I realized then how most of it was in my head and how people are willing to respect your freedom of choice without judging you and if there will be some that will,  then walk away from them because they just want to take advantage and have no knowledge of respect for you or for your choices.

Helping a friend, family or  people in need is something we should all do but sometimes we might be the ones in need.  We need to be able to make the difference.  To know when Yes stops and No begins.






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