Back to origins trip and Madrid airport marathon

Hello again after two weeks! I didn’t really had time to spend on the internet while I was in Romania and Spain visiting family and friends but I would trade the internet for that any time. I was really happy to see all the wonderful people I was blessed to have in my life. It was a trip full of fun and joy. I was very busy as I wanted to meet with everybody and probably I should mention partying until morning in the clubs in Bucharest.  I literally had breakfast with my husband and some of my friends at 5:30 in the morning at McDonald’s . ;)) I missed those days.  By the way, if you are looking for the party go to Bucharest ! You will love it! 🙂  I also stuffed myself with lots of the traditional Romanian foods I missed which got me some extra 3 kg. (6 lbs.) but fortunately it started to melt away slowly.

Madrid is very nice too. I love the architecture and those crowded streets and I am going there quite often as my mother, brother and some of my relatives live there. You need to try the churros with hot chocolate. I spent a great time there too.

The tricky part in Madrid is the Barajas Airport especially if you have to go to the RSU gate. It is a full marathon.  I will explain how it is to get there.  Walk (a lot) , Stairs, Walk, Train, Stairs, Walk, Stairs, check the exact number of the gate , Stairs and then Walk, a lot again.  Maybe it sounds easy as I am explaining it in a simple way but it is not. You can actually drop some pounds in that airport. ;))

At the end of the day it felt great to be to my old home with all those people I love but I am still in recovery as the whole trip was a marathon . 🙂


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