The Halloween in USA vs The Halloween in Romania


Happy Halloween everyone!  I love seeing the excitement of this costume , tricks and treats holiday.

We are celebrating the Halloween in Romania too, today , in american style but the real Halloween in Romania is on 30 of November which is St. Andrew’s Day.

In the night before St. Andrew’s Day,  people are hanging  garlic at the doors and windows, drink hot red wine and eat steaks stuffed with garlic or just garlic for  the bad spirits not to get them and hunt them.  Honestly, with that much garlic you can be sure no one will come near you. You might even suffocate with your own breath. ;)) We also cook pumpkin pie but I would never eat as it was not my favorite.

We wouldn’t go for trick or treat but we would gather to someone’s house to try to steal their garlic. The host had to be very careful not to be tricked and had the garlic stolen. If someone would still their garlic it meant that someone would still something from them in that year and the person who stole the garlic would be lucky the whole year.

No matter where you are and how do you celebrate don’t forget to have fun! You are never too old for that. 😉


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