You don’t make me happy! vs I’m not happy with this relationship ! How do you use your words?



Words matter and the way you are using them in a sentence matters even more.

Words are powerful !

For example,  in a relationship when you find yourself at that point where there is no satisfaction, where you have nothing in common, where happiness is not a presence anymore . You try to get away but the first step is to say something, to let your partner know how you feel. None of us will ever want to think it is our fault but we will have the tendency to think about all the things the other didn’t do for us. That He/She didn’t make us happy! And we waited for so long!

“You don’t make me happy!”    You say and you don’t realize  you blame the other and empower him/her at the same time.

You just put your happiness in someone else’s hands but you also make them feel inadequate which is not fair.

Were they in charge of your own happiness ?  

What if you will say  “I’m not happy with this relationship!”

Who is in charge now? 


You did not know how much that “I” can matter?

That “I” means you are responsible for your own happiness, you know what you want and who you are, you are mature, you are intelligent. It also means that you don’t put the blame on your partner’s shoulders but you participate because there is two involved in this. It is fair to attack the situation and not the person. It is fair to use the right words.

You know your happiness depends only on yourself.  You have chosen your words wisely because you know how much power can be in the words and how the way you use them matters.


How do you use your words? 





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