Worrying about the future


As I am a very excited person I’m always curious about what will happen next. I wonder what job I will have when I will find a job, if it will be flexible, if it will incorporate all the things I like to do because there are so many I like to do, if I will be good at it, if I will still be able to travel with my husband, then I wonder if I will be able to drop again the weight I want to drop, what are the things I would like to study more, if I will manage to be a better person, what if I became a mean one and the list is so freaking long.

I am asking myself why do I even ask myself all these questions? Why I didn’t learn that lesson from the past?

I was working at the library and graduated law school. I was planning to become a prosecutor or a judge so I started to study for the exam which is supposed to be a very difficult one and all candidates are studying for at least one year but I thought I can do it in two months. I spent most of my summer holiday studying. I was ready for a new beginning! My job at the library had no promotion chances and I wanted to move forward , to make a change. Unfortunately , for now, I failed that exam big time.  I was really disappointed and a little bit depressed. I was trying to encourage myself by saying that at least I tried.

I was thinking there is no chance I will find a new job that year as I was living in a small city with very few opportunities. It was end of august or beginning of September when suddenly I hear a knock at my door. It was an aunt of my mine , she wanted to talk with me and she also told me that this company in my town is hiring. It was something related to international sales.  She gave some information about it and I started to prepare my file. I didn’t even stopped to think about it. I was ready for it! The luck just knocked at my door! After few weeks I went to interview. I had no experience in that industrial field but they were not interested in the experience. They were interested in a little bit of talent. I didn’t excel at my interview but they liked something about me, I think, so I got the job. That job helped me develop lots of knowledge, travel a lot, use my skills, do things I wanted to do, meet awesome people who put their mark on my life in a very good way and through that job I also met my husband.

It was a bunch of luck incorporated in one job!  Somehow everything fell into place !






photo source : http://www.philressler.com


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