Men gossip too






I know everybody thinks gossiping is a women thing and I used to think that too ,let’s say until I was 16.  It all started when I heard my brother’s friends gossiping in a very mean way about one of their friends. I couldn’t believe it! I thought we are the only one but the truth was there . Those boys were gossiping worse than any woman would. I’m not exaggerating at all.

They gossip about women too. Not only about sex issues but whether or not a woman is ugly or beautiful, fat or skinny, has cellulite or not , how she is dressed, with whom she is going out and so on!!!!  It is even worse if it is about a woman who rejected them. You can imagine!

They also like to gossip about other guys who have more money than they do or they are more successful.


I wouldn’t have made such an affirmation about men gossiping   if I wouldn’t hear it with my own ears or seen it with my own eyes. At the end of the day we are all the same from some points of view so gossiping is not only a women thing.

It is enough to pay more attention and you will see what I am talking about . 😉







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